Tax Services


Competitive Environment
The payment and/or verification of property tax presents unique risks and demands a unique infrastructure. Property tax payment or verification is an inescapable adjunct to any real property held in a fiduciary account. This responsibility is personnel intensive and quite costly if errors are made or deadlines missed.

The PDS Advantage
PDS provides property tax solutions, with our state of the industry systems and support: Imaging, Document Indexing, Electronic Report Delivery and Web Based Data Access. Our delivery platform is efficient and in use coast to coast.


Automatic Data Capture

Tax Bills and appraisal notices are scanned, automatically capturing data to be used in updating tax parcels, assessed values, exemptions and creating payment information files. This unique approach insures that there is less data entry, eliminating keying errors and providing you with a faster turnaround.

Electronic Data Access
Tax Bills, Appraisal Notice and Special Notice images are captured through the scanning process and indexed for easy retrieval. These images can be viewed on CDROM, accessed through a link provided in the TRMS and TMMS Windows applications, or viewed via secure Web access. We are the only vendor to offer this menu of options!

Tax Payment
Tax bills are paid to the taxing entities via check, electronic transfer or ACH. Electronic transfer of remittance detail is included (if accepted). Receipt of the payment is verified by PDS.

Electronic Reporting
PDS provides electronic delivery of reports via email:
Cash Requirements Report On-line approval/disapproval of taxes to be paid by property manager.

Appraisal/Assessed Value Report Comparison of two years values with ability to specify percentage of difference in values to report, and immediate email notification of material changes in assessed value of a property including image of notice. Verify Payments Report immediate email notification with image of any delinquent taxes.

PDS verifies tax payments on parcels where the taxes are not paid by the Bank but confirmation of payment by a third party is critical. Verification is done after all installments are made.