About Us


In the beginning,
PDS Companies was founded in 1981 as PetroData Systems, Inc.  PetroData Systems originated as a producer of software systems that would allow corporate fiduciaries to manage mineral, oil & gas assets held in trust accounts.  The Trust Mineral Management System (TMMS) was the most advanced technology available to manage specialty assets. Soon after its inception, word quickly spread and companies were clamoring to obtain the cutting edge PDS TMMS software so they too could save immeasurable hours of labor and make loads of money.

Along the way,
In 1984, PetroData Systems refined its software package to increase utility and began to offer accounting services in addition to technological support. Innovations in technology took place and the Microdata platform in place was replaced by the Universe platform thus allowing a non-proprietary system and more flexibility for PetroData clients. A tide of new clients flooded the company.

PetroData continued to grow and change to accommodate the expanding needs of clients. The introduction of the Trust Real Estate Management System (TRMS) came in 1994. This pivotal change extended the reach of PetroData coast to coast.

In 1994 outsourcing services were added to the list of options available to our clients. PetroData Systems had the software to make outsourcing for our clients possible. Out of this ingenuity, PDS Services was born and PetroData Systems became the PDS Companies.

And Now
PDS Companies is the only independent organization that is nationally recognized as an expert in all classes of Unique and Hard to Value Assets. PDS Companies is committed to providing excellent business services and solutions that safeguard the expectations of our clients and their diverse range of fiduciary responsibilities in a fast paced, competitive market. Our goal is to utilize the most advanced technology and efficient business practices to ensure the financial stability of our shared customers. Our expert staff takes pride in the strong client relationships we have built together based on the quality of the products and service we provide.