If you are faced with an immediate need, a special project, or an intermittent or one-time task, PDS Services can deliver solutions. Among the wide variety of projects we have handled are estate inventories, market pricing surveys, environmental risk assessments, and systems conversions. We are particularly suited to assist the individual trustee or executor in dealing with specialty assets.

PDS Consulting offers a wide variety of trust specialty asset solutions.

  • Estate inventory, asset description, marshalling, valuation, and sale
  • Market pricing surveys and fee schedule design
  • Practice and procedure manual design
  • Asset distribution and title curative
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Audit of specialty asset revenue and expense
  • Review of product prices received
  • Review of billing
  • Audits
  • Merger and acquisition assistance
  • Systems conversions and legacy system enhancement
  • Sales support
  • Prepares and submits current information for each asset