Note and Mortgage


Notes and Mortgages, a complementary arm of the
PDS Trust Real Estate Management System, is designed to allow you to efficiently and effectively manage your customers’ note and mortgage assets. If loan management is your primary interest, NMSS can be installed as a stand-alone system.

Notes & Mortgages provides an accurate inventory of note and mortgage assets and the information needed to quickly answer questions posed by administrators and clients.

Various input screens allow a wide variety of information to be entered and tracked for each loan. Information such as description and classification, balance, payment history, escrow, payment allocation, and collateral information are maintained in the database.

Notes & Mortgages also efficiently handles the operational aspects of loan management. A single screen handles all revenue entry functions with the flexibility to easily adapt to one-of-a-kind situations. Loan payments are entered at the loan level and automatically split between principal and interest among the owning trusts.

Notes & Mortgages manage the following information categories:

Asset Management

  • Multiple payment schedules
  • Flexible interest calculation methods
  • Fixed, variable & floating interest rates
  • Escrow and collateral tracking
  • Automatic participation splits
  • Loan coupons & late notices

Revenue Processing

  • Automatic payment splits for principal & interest
  • Displays information used to calculate payment
  • Set up special processing instructions to be displayed at time of payment entry
  • Tracking of open invoices, late fees and delinquencies
  • Automatically split revenue to owners according to predefined percentages
  • Allows for one-time changes of ownership at payment level
  • Simple on-line income inquiry


  • Loan Delinquencies report
  • Annual Review
  • Amortization Schedules
  • Loan payment histories
  • Pay-off report
  • Loan maturity report
  • Annual loan statements and 1098 reporting and filing


Asset Management

  • Multiple payment schedules
  • Fixed, variable & floating interest rate
  • Flexible interest calculation methods
  • Automatic payment processing with checks

Payment Processing

  • Automatic payment splits for principal & interest (fixed & variable)
  • Automatically split revenue to participants according to predefined percentages
  • Liability information screen automatically updates
  • Simple on-line inquiry


  • Liability Delinquencies report

Trust System Interface

  • Summarization levels defined by user
  • Summary reports (blotter) for balancing
  • Detailed upfeed report for research
  • Upfeed to multiple trust systems simultaneously
  • Suppression of transactions in interface


  • Audit trail for all fields showing date/time/user id
  • Trust System & TRMS compare units & market value
  • Asset setup and maintenance interface
  • User access by job function
  • Field level security
  • Customizable application security