Oil and Gas


Our flagship software is uniquely designed to manage the complexities of oil, gas, and mineral assets. A sampling of its features illustrates the breadth and depth of this system:

  • Manages division orders
  • Validates ownership at revenue entry time
  • Interfaces to revenue entry services, real property tax services, and trust accounting systems
  • Provides extensive working interest ownership reporting
  • Tracks oil and gas leases
  • Creates an audit trail of file maintenance
  • Facilitates annual review reporting (Reg 9)

The Trust Mineral Management System (TMMS) was the first in the PDS family of software products. Developed to manage oil and gas trust assets, TMMS is designed to easily and efficiently maintain mineral properties and lease requirements.

Through a variety of input screens, the TMMS database maintains information for trust and asset management, revenue and expense processing, lease tracking, customer reporting, and trust system interfacing.

TMMS provides the needed flexibility for managing oil and gas accounting procedures. A single screen handles all oil and gas sales input. It recognizes each purchaser’s check format and allows the entry clerk to key directly from the check, using only the information appearing on the face of the check.

TMMS pays mineral expenses, handles participating interests for both revenue and expenses, and calculates statutory depletion. In addition, it accomodates mineral revenue distribution, joint interest billing, and all other functions needed for operated property support.

Information is readily obtained from TMMS through numerous inquiries available. Any unforseen customer needs can be satisfied using either SQL or the easy-to-use native query language. Customer and management reports can be viewed online, requested for immediate or next-day delivery or scheduled for periodic generation throughout the year.

Menus make it easy for the user to navigate through the system, and these can be custom designed. PDS can also personalize the operating screens and establish field values to fit individual user requirements.

These are the various functions of TMMS:

PDS software is engineered around the UniVerse® post relational database from Informix Software. UniVerse operates in an open systems environment and is compatible with the various versions of UNIX® and Windows NT® supplied by most major hardware vendors.