Real Property


The PDS Trust Real Estate Management System Software handles every conceivable aspect of real estate asset management. These are some of its features:

Asset Management Tool


  • Quick access to Managers portfolio
  • Calendar functions for tracking upcoming and pending property events
  • Find screen allows for easy account and property searches and reports
  • Trust Summary screen provides property details and summary with market value
  • Provides tracking of market value changes, annual review, appraisal and inspection information
  • Track Tax/Insurance data and payment information
  • Image indexing and retrieval
  • Detailed asset ownership information
  • Track Disposal/Sales information
  • User defined fields

Lease Asset Management Tools

  • Provides property general lease information, tenant name and address, frequency, payment and delinquency information
  • Tracks rental unit details
  • Tracking of flat and percent rents
  • Allows for multiple types of deposits
  • Generates rent coupons & late notices
  • Track tenant reimbursements
  • Calculation of CPI increases
  • User defined fields
  • Comprehensive name and address tracking


  • Report writer to create customized reports
  • Annual reviews
  • Financial reports
  • Property reports
  • Lease reports
  • Insurance reports
  • Delinquency reports
  • Pending events reports
  • Two year property analysis with graphing
  • Vacancy reports
  • Sale/disposal reports
  • 1099 Reporting and filing




Revenue Processing

  • Fast & flexible payment entry
  • Processing at lease, trust or property level
  • Set up special processing instructions to be displayed at time of payment entry
  • Tracking of open invoices, late fees and delinquencies
  • Automatically split revenue to owners according to predefined percentages
  • Allows for creation of miscellaneous invoices
  • Simple on-line income inquiry

Expense Processing

  • Fast & flexible invoice entry
  • Automatically split expenses among owners according to predefined percentages
  • Specialized processing screens for insurance and taxes
  • Simple on-line accounts payable inquiry
  • Unlimited number of asset/expenses codes
  • Automatic recurring payments (fixed or variable)
  • Security deposit & escrow tracking
  • Carrying value updated for capital expenditures
  • Cash type based on TRMS expense code
  • Disbursements approval process with user defined limited

Optional Features

  • Customized real estate fee calculation system
  • Support for specialized revenue and expense sharing agreements
  • Revenue distribution and expense billing to outside owners
  • Laser check printing
  • Project and budget tracking
  • Sales and tax calculation on lease payments